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Living Craft Magazine all 2010

With instructions for our Ore Gnome!


Peg Loom Instructions in:

Living Craft Magazine Winter 2012
Featured in it are the instructions for making a peg loom and how to weave on it by yours truly.


Chevron Shawl Instructions

Living Craft Magazine Fall 2011 Featured in it are the instructions by yours truly for knitting a shawl (tow different ones)in a chevron pattern. Also as you can see on the front page, Angela Mobly's instructions for a fierce dragon!


In the Heart

I love all of Salley Mavor's book. If you love handwork and if you would like to inspire this trait also in your children, this is a must have book! All the artwork and story pictures are done in actual pieces sewn, embroidered, stitches and so forth, simply inspiring!


Etwas von den Wurzelkindern mini

A old classic of the most wonderful story of transformation of nature in the yearly cycle, written by Syibylle von Olvers in the beginning of the last century. In German, this is a mini edition 5" x 4".


Ore Gnome Instructions only

Instructions only!
Living Craft Magazine instructon for my Ore Gnome will be emailed to email address provided on order form.


FlowerCildren/KnittedBunny instructions

Instructions only, the magazine is sold out.
Living Craft Magazine Spring 2008 instructions for my "Flower Children" and my "Knitted Bunny Pattern" emailed to email address provided in order form.


Crazy Blanket instructions in:

Living Craft Magazine Fall 2009 Featured in it the "The Crazy Blanket" by yours truly.


Elf-Cap instructions in:

Living Craft Magazine Fall 2008 Featured in it the "Elf Cap". For the corrected instructions please go to:


Living Crafts 4/10 with StarChild

Living Craft Magazine Winter 2010
Featured in it is Yours Truly as well as the instructions for making a Star Child. The little Girl on the front cover is holding one.

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