Wurzel Junge

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Die Wurzeljungen unterdessen,, haben auch nicht ihr Amt vergessen;, mit Pinsel, BŸrste, Farbentopf gehn sie den Käfern an den Schopf., The rootboys too are at their work,, They clean the insects of winter's dirt,, With water, paints and brushes too,, The bugs will look again like new., , Book (1906) by Sibylle v. Olfers;Translated from German by Inga von Boetticher with permission given to me by her daughter Uschi Schnell., This Wurzel Junge, Root Boy, is sewn fromreclaimed cotton velour mix, ~ 5" filled with organic flaxseeds and organic lavender flowers, pipe cleaners for poseable arms., In the bottom picture you can see them with Mother Earth waking them up, then getting their new fabrics for summer clothing. After that they all are sitting in their sewing circle eager to get their work done as nicely and quickly as they can, as spring and then summer is not too far off....., The price is for the one only please!

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