Ore Gnome

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Our Ore Gnome stands 5" tall, on sturdy, cloth-covered, wooden feet. Made from recycled wool sweaters - in all colors of the rainbow - our ore gnomes have wispy mohair beards and pointed caps. Set them on the nature table and they will surely watch over all the stones, crystals, and treasures.

This is a sparkly one, thought of as a guardian of Lapis Lazuli. 

In the last picture you can see all three cousins, all three do love any crystals they can find! Here you can clearly see how different the fabrics behave after the figures are stuffed. The middle and the one on the right are the same fabric and as it is a sort of ribbed knitting it stretches to infinity, therefor I do line all those with a cotton knit fabric. They are all made from the same pattern.smiley 

List price: $45.00
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