Knot Doll Cashmere

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Attention: the first picture (head shot) is truer to the color than the whole body shot!

This kind of doll is ideal as a first doll, created from the softest  materials, either cotton velour or recycled sweaters - made from wool, angora, cashmere or cotton knit.  

Till the baby comes in the uprightness around 1 years of age, there is almost no awareness of his/her body parts, it is all heads, eyes and mouth, experiencing the outside world in this way. So this floppy doll is an ideal way to experience the sense of touch, smell and color. Also, if pulled from one direction, it is suddenly over there...... oops, where did it go? and so on....

This Star Knot Doll is created from re-claimed cashmere sweater material, wool skin and eyes, mohair for hair, about 17" tall, measured "standing" on tippy toe, hat not included.

List price: $55.00
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